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The AWD Art Studio was founded by Amanda Willshire, a passionate artist with a background in fly fishing instruction. The studio specializes in designing and creating metal sculpture art with a focus on the outdoor, natural world. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality and innovative artistic creations that bring creativity and artistry to outdoor spaces. We offer a variety of artistic services, including fish art, signage design and build, and a unique combination of artistic services catering to various creative needs.

We believe in respecting Mother Nature and strive to incorporate sustainable practices into our art. Our unique selling point is the creation of original steel fish sculptures, offering clients the opportunity to have a steel version of their favorite catch built for their home.

At The AWD Art Studio, we are committed to creating art that inspires and connects people with the natural world. Our story began with Amanda's love for fly fishing and has grown into a thriving business that has undertaken large-scale projects across the United States. We are excited to continue bringing creativity and artistry to outdoor spaces for years to come.

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